Summer has arrived along with warm weather, gardening, picnics, camping, and all things related to summer. Knitting and crochet can also  be a part of your summer routine - for those days that are too hot to be outside or those cool summer nights perfect for knitting/crocheting outside. Here are some projects to keep you inspired throughout the summer months.

Net Duffel Bag - fun project with mitered squares
Dijon Top - Simple and lightweight tank top
Pania of the Reef shawl - An interesting stitch pattern alternating between stockinette and bee stitch. Fun pattern to use with two contrasting colors or gradient yarn.

Shoebox buddies club
Come join this fun summer club where you buy a skein of yarn to keep in your shoebox. Numbers are assigned to each person and then drawn to see which shoebox you picked. You will knit or crochet an item from the skein that is inside the shoebox. At the end of summer we will have a reveal party to see what your shoe box buddy made for you and to meet them. This will last from June to end of August so plenty of time to create something fun for your buddy.
Sign up today to get your buddy!

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Fresh * Fabulous * Fibers

That is who we are here at The Yarn Shop – a friendly and cozy atmosphere for you to develop or enhance your yarn skills. We are a supplier of fine quality yarns, patterns, tools and accessories and offer friendly and excellent help on all knitting and crochet related questions. We also have a great selection of unique and one-of-a-kind buttons in the city and cross stitch kits. The yarns are listed but the best experience is to come in to see and touch the wonderful fibers and imagine the possibilities.

We are located inside the Sutter Place Mall on 48th and Highway 2.

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Knit Purl
24" Bamboo Circular Needle
Yarnimal Monkey Scarf
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